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Jae Kyung Choi


Jae Kyung Choi, a senior adviser at ChunGo LLP, previously practiced in the areas of corporate litigation, and finance at KIM & CHANG for many years. Mr. Choi graduated from Seoul High School and Seoul National University Law School and completed the 9th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Mr. Choi obtained LL.M. degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School He also have knowledge and a sense of international transaction law, such as transactions and international financial contracts.

Professional Career

Passed Korean bar examination in Apr. 1977 & Entered the

Korean Bar Association in Aug. 1979.

Served as Military Judicial Officer from Sep. 1979 to Aug. 1982.

Began practice at the Law firm Kim&Chang in Aug. 1982 thorough 2005 (practicing area : Banking, Labor and Personnel Management, Litigation).

Trained at the Kelley Drye& Warren, New York

from Sep .1989 to Feb. 1990.

Passed New York Bar Examination and entered the New York Bar Association in Feb. 1990.

Solo practiced from Nov. 2005 to Apr. 2007.

Served as Constituent Member of the Law firm Jawoo

from May 2007 to Aug. 2013.

Served as Representative of the Law firm Jawoo

from Sep. 2013 to Aug. 2016.

Serve as Notary Public at the Kyung-hyang Joint Law Office

from Sep. 2016.

Practice Areas

General civil and commercial area-related consulting and litigation regarding contract, construction, divorce, inheritance, etc.

Personnel management and workers' compensation-related consulting and litigation

Mass media-related consulting and litigation Finance-related 


Graduated from the Seoul High School in Feb. 1973.

Graduated from the Seoul National University, Law School in Feb. 1977 (BA degree).

Graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute in Aug.1979.

Completed the Seoul National University, Graduate School of Law in Feb. 1984.

Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in May, 1989 (LL.M. degree).

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