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Sung Hee Lee

Managing Partner

Sung Hee Lee, a Managing partner at ChunGo LLP, graduated from Seoul National University Law School and completed the 25th class of the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He received a master's degree in international politics from the Russian National University of St. Peters, and a doctoral degree in engineering from Hansei University IT Convergence Department. As one of the most trusted lawyers in the Korean Christian community, Mr. Lee has successfully handled high profile cases regarding church disputes. Since Mr. Lee also won the acquittal in a criminal case against Pastor Cho Yong-gi. Mr. Lee is recognized for his expertise in criminal cases.

Professional Career

Practice Areas

Law firm Somyung (1999-2000)​

Romarket CEO (2000) 

Rossicom Vice President (2000-2001) 

INT Law Firm (2002-2006) 

Law Firm E.L.S (2006 -2017) 

ChunGo LLP (2017- Present) 

Director, Korea Workplace Missionary Association (present) 

Director of the IPAC Mediation and Arbitration Center (present)

• Strategic Legal Consulting​

• International Litigation and Arbitration

• Cross-border investment transactions

• Church Dispute 

• Litigation

• Criminal 


• College of Law, Seoul National University (1992) 

• Judicial Research and Training Institute (1996)  

• 1st Venture Management Course (2001) 

• National University of St. Peters, Russia, Master’s degree in International Politics (2006) 

• Department of IT Convergence, Hansei University, 

• Doctor of Engineering 4th KAIST CEO course (2012)

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